GET THIS: Dog owners under killer toad alert

Orlando Sentinel

A Tampa woman whose dog collapsed and died after she saw him with a toad in his mouth told a TV station that she knew immediately it was a poisonous Bufo toad.

Also known as the cane or marine toad, the world’s largest toad has invaded South Florida since the 1950s and in recent years has been spotted more frequently in Central Florida as well.

Brynn Kelly of Tampa said she flushed her dog Otis’ mouth out with water after he began seizing and foaming at the mouth, but it was too late, ABC Action News reported.

Bufo toads secrete poison from glands on their heads. The toxin can kill pets.

Experts advise that if a pet bites a toad, to rinse the pet’s mouth with a hose so water drains out and isn’t swallowed, and to rub the animal’s gums and mouth to try to remove the toxin.

Orlando Sentinel

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