Chiropractic benefits for employees addressed

By Jennifer Peryam -

OTTAWA — Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce members Tuesday learned about the importance of chiropractic services for their employees.

The chamber held its monthly meeting at Red Pig Inn in Ottawa, and the featured speaker was Dr. Zach Klausing of Lammers Chiropractic Care, and Dr. Darla Lammers also attended.

Klausing said chiropractors are alternative care physicians that specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions of the spine and extremities. Patients are treated with a focus on non-pharmacological methods including adjustment, physical therapy, massage therapy and acupuncture.

“Chiropractors most frequent and known method of treatment is commonly known as adjusting,” Klausing said. An adjustment is a targeted high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust meant to improve joint range of motion.

Klausing said the benefits to employers for having their employees go to a chiropractor are cost savings.

“Employees who experience low back pain often suffer loss of productivity and income along with expenses associated with medical, rehabilitation and surgical intervention,” Klausing said.

Employees with chiropractic care typically have lower utilization of radiology services, outpatient and emergency care and physical therapy, according to Klausing.

Other benefits for employees going to a chiropractor are reduced absenteeism with low back, pain, severe headaches, migraines and neck pain contributing to lost productivity at work.

He said the adjustment can be associated with a cracking or popping noise that is gas being released from the joint and is known as cavitation.

He discussed what adjustments do and said when a spinal segment is adjusted it is pushed into the paraphysiological space.

“In order to accommodate the stress on the joint, the brain responds by sending an efferent signal to the joint being stressed,” Klausing said. The efferent signals travel from the brain down the spinal cord, making the innervated muscles relax to accommodate the increased stress.

New chamber members were recognized including Jared Ellinger, O-G Family Dentistry, Kimber Knoch, Anytime Fitness, Cammie Flores, UIS Insurance and Investments and Adam Hershberger, Edward Jones.

The next meeting will be at noon April 2 at Red Pig Inn with John Recker of AEP Ohio as the guest speaker.

By Jennifer Peryam

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

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