Allen East to consider permanent improvement levy in May

2.75 mill levy a continuance of levy approved since 1989

By Sam Shriver -

HARROD — Voters in the Allen East school district will consider the continuing renewal of what has been historically a five-year levy.

The school board met in special session Tuesday morning to take the next steps to put it on the May ballot.

“It was just a timing issue it didn’t get on the January one [board meeting agenda] and there’s a deadline of Feb. 6. Normally it would have been on the January meeting, just the next step of the renewal levy. The first resolution was in December. This is just the second resolution we needed,” said Andrea Snyder, treasurer of Allen East schools.

It’s a 2.75 mill permanent improvement renewal levy, which would raise around $178,000 each year. Passage of the levy would avoid any future need to pass a renewal levy for this purpose.

“It’s being put on for a continuing period. This is a renewal that’s been going on for years and years. This permanent improvement levy was started in 1989. The voters have been very good about passing that very successfully for us and we thought since instead of putting it on every five years, like we have since May of 1989, we would like to switch that to a continuing [levy] so the voters don’t have to keep voting every five years on it,” said Snyder.

The money helps with transportation and property maintenance.

“It’s used to purchase buses. It’s used for parking lot resurfacing, projects like that,” she said.

Passage of the continuing levy is something that the school board felt was in the best interest of the district.

“It’s extremely important. Our students rely on the updated transportation. We try and keep [up] our fleets. Every year we keep rotating in a new bus so that [the fleet] doesn’t get too old. [We’re also] trying to keep on top of the parking lots. It’s a lot of surface that if it all goes down at once it’s a lot of money so it’s very important. We like to keep everything up and safe for our students,” she added.

2.75 mill levy a continuance of levy approved since 1989

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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