Lima Senior student aims for aeronautical engineering

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By Sam Shriver -

Bryson Dick

Bryson Dick

LIMA — Bryson Dick, 14, a freshman at Lima Senior High School, is leaning towards a career in aeronautical engineering.

“I was usually interested in bigger machines when I was little — excavators, backhoes — and I always wanted to do something that’s toward what I like doing and learning, doing different stuff. I always liked planes, and around last year I was looking at other stuff for engineering and I was looking at aeronautical, looking at the different things they do, and that appealed to my interests,” said Dick.

He’s already involved in the flight exploration program at the Findlay airport.

“We meet once a month. The last time, we toured a couple of jets and got to see the inside of those,” he said.

He hasn’t decided on a college yet, but since he’s a freshman, he’s going to take his time before committing to a program.

He’s excited about math, science and social studies.

“I like to learn different things, do different stuff, kind of my mindset,” he said.

He is also a cello player in the Lima Area Youth Orchestra and is taking advanced classes in learning the guitar.

“I played violin back in fourth grade. I’ve been playing the cello since fifth grade and on and I really enjoy it. I got into Lima Area Youth Orchestra in October and it’s been real fun ever since,” he noted.

He has also been active in the quiz bowl team.

“I’ve been doing it about since sixth grade. It’s been really fun. I get to learn something every week. I really enjoy it,” he said.

He is also appreciative of the education he’s gotten through Lima schools.

“There’s a lot of choices — a lot of different things that go to different people of interest that you like. So there’s many opportunities,” added Dick.

Bryson Dick Dick
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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