Lima Memorial Health System

Jan. 4 — Ashley Adams and Jamal Rayvon Banks, Lima, boy; Erica and Jordan Blythe, Lima, boy.

Jan. 5 — Chyanne Roberts, Lima, girl; Delisa Smitha and Kenneth Brooks, Lima, girl.

Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center

Jan. 4 — Chelsea and Zack Bibler, Continental, girl; Lena Craft and Adam Van Meter, Lima, girl; Ester and Keegan Goalsbee, Jacksonville, Texas, girl; Summer McKinney and Monty Jeanneret, Zanesfield, girl; Desiree and Kyle Rodriguez, Kenton, girl.

Jan. 5 — Chelsey Cloud and Dionte Corbin, Delphos, girl; Nicole and Eric Hershey, Delphos, boy; Alicia and Cody Mox, Delphos, boy; Dominic and Rachael Purnell, St. Johns, boy; Laura and Eric Rosendale, Bluffton, girl; Deanna Young, Lima, girl.

Jan. 7 — Trisha and Justin Brown, Mendon, boy; Alyssa and Devon Cook, Spencerville, girl; Catherine and Michael Newland, Delphos.

Jan. 8 — Belinda and Charles Reid, Lima, girl; Michelle and Andrew Stein, Lima, girl.

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