Lima resident to participate in clinical study

By Jennifer Peryam -

LIMA — Lima resident LuAnn Lause is part of a MyMobility clinical study that will track her therapy recovery process following her left hip replacement.

Lause, 63, will undergo a hip replacement on her left hip Jan. 7 at Joint Implants Surgeons, an orthopedic clinic in New Albany.

Joint Implants Surgeons has partnered with Zimmer Biomet and Apple to conduct one of the largest studies of its kind on hip and knee replacement. During the recovery period, each participant uses the MyMobility app on the Apple watch to report health and activity data to their physician.

Lause started having hip problems four years ago after noticing pain. She had been seeing a chiropractor after having replacement on her right knee in 2004.

“I had X-rays done in New Albany that proved I had a bone spur and my hip was degenerating,” Lause said.

She was asked by the chiropractor to participate in the clinical study. She was given an Apple watch that she will use for a year after her surgery. It works in conjunction with her Apple phone that has a mobility app.

“The goal of the program is to determine if self guided therapy is as good as going to a physical therapist for recovery,” Lause said.

She has had the watch since the beginning of December that tracks her pre surgery exercises. The watch alerts her when she has exercise routines to perform. She also is provided advice on the app how to eat healthy and pre-surgery safety routines such as removing carpets and pets out of the walkway to prevent accidents.

“The app is telling you everything you would learn at a doctor visit. You are connected to your care team, and if you have questions, you can log onto your app and send a message and get an immediate response from your care team in New Albany,” Lause said.

Going through physical therapy is nothing new to her as she underwent therapy after receiving a knee replacement in 2004 from Zimmer, the same company that is conducting the hip study.

“At that time, I didn’t feel like I had enough therapy, and if it required therapy three days a week, I was doing it seven days a week,” Lause said.

The surgery will take one day to complete and she will go home the same day.

“Once I get home from the surgery, I will be prompted to do exercises three days a week. It will will start out one time a day that will progress to exercises to three times a day,” Lause said.

She describes herself as active and said physical therapy is key in the recovery period. She looks forward to getting back into swimming at the YMCA and lifting weights.

“I’m kind of a tech nut, so being able to be a part of this study is very interesting to me,” Lause said. “I want to do everything I can to make sure my hip replacement puts me back to where I want to be before my hip degenerated.”

After her surgery, Lause is looking forward to walking her three dogs with her husband, Neal. She and her husband own rentals and she is the landscaper for the properties that she looks forward to maintaining, as well. Another activity is running a concession stand that she and her husband operate at 17 festivals in Ohio.

Joint Implants surgeon Dr. Keith Berend will perform the hip surgery and said there are three phases to the study which began enrollment in November of this year.

“We have enrolled dozens of patients at JIS Orthopedics in just a few weeks of enrollment. By the end of all three phases, we will have more than 11,600 patients enrolled nationwide,” Berend said.

The first phase is examining how difficult it is to get patients up and running with the MyMobility App and Apple Watch. The second phase is a randomized controlled study in which the watch and app are compared with traditional physical therapy. The third phase is enrolling 10,000 patients across the nation and following their journey for a year.

“We may actually be able to change our outcomes, intervene earlier to effect better outcomes or even decide who are good candidates for these procedures,” Lause said.

By Jennifer Peryam

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

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