Putnam County Commissioners approve Road 5 payouts

By Jennifer Peryam - jperyam@limanews.com

OTTAWA — Putnam County Commissioners this week approved payouts to 10 of the 13 property owners along Road 5 who sued the county over improprieties in the eminent domain seizure of land.

On Tuesday, the commission approved the following receive three times the initial appraised value of their properties as determined by Putnam County’s appraiser Kevin Schroeder: Buckeye Stave, $18,156; Terry and Lisa Stainbrook, $2,262, Scott and Cheryl Rhoad, $2,628; Albert J. Nienberg, $2,012 and Robert and Cynthia Niese, $13,722.

The Board of Commissioners further agreed to settle the following County Road 5 cases at the appraised amounts as currently on the deposit with the Putnam County Clerk of Courts: Patrick Bros. General Partnership, $833, Patrick Holdings Inc., $3,657, Thomas M. Patrick, $918, Mary Lou Patrick, $5,186 and $8,000.

William and May Kay Weis and Mark and Patricia Maag chose to take their case before a jury in October, rather than accept the deal offered by the board.

Another Road 5 resident who is not part of the suit and has not come to an agreement with the commissioners are identified by the last name Basinger.

John Love, commissioner, said people began talking about the Road 5 project in the 1990s when there was starting to be economic development around the county.

“The county looked at ways to find a north and south road that would improve travel to the freeways,” Love said.

There was a study conducted of 22 routes on the east side of Putnam County to try to determine a good route to get the trucking industry to the freeways. After the study the county came up with the idea of County Road 5.

“It was determined the best route was County Road 5 that went through Pandora and to Leipsic,” Love said.

The county hired two appraisers to make offers on the property because the county needed to widen the road because it was not wide enough to accommodate the traffic that was anticipated.

Offers were made to landowners along Road 5 and most of the people accepted the offers, and there were a few who did not.

“Consequently we ended up in a court battle over it,” Love said.

He said he is happy the issue is resolved and only down to three landowners who have not accepted the offers.

“I think we did very well. We had four different mediations in an effort to try to settle this and we are down to three landowners,” Love said.

Michael Lammers, commissioner, declined to comment on the issue.


By Jennifer Peryam


Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

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