Allen County election results

ALLEN COUNTY Issue 1 To reduce penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing and using illegal drugs proposed constitutional amendment For 8,398 Against 26,888 U.S. Senate Sherrod Brown (D) 14,048 Stephen Faris (WI) 51 Jim Renacci (R) 21,077 Governor Write ins 32 Richard Cordray (D) 10,510 Mike DeWine (R) 23,759 Constance Gadell-Newton (G) 319 Travis M. Irvine (L) 588 Attorney general Steve Dettelbach (D) 10, 898 Dave Yost (R) 24,012 Auditor Robert C. Coogan (L) 1,082 Keith Faber (R) 24,238 Zach Space (D) 9,913 Secretary of state Michael W. Bradley (WI) 11 Kathleen Clyde (D) 10,386 Frank LaRose (R) 23,917 Dustin R. Nanna (L) 781 Treasurer Rob Richardson (D) 10,891 Robert Sprague (R) 24,008 Supreme Court (1/1/19 term) Craig Baldwin (R) 13,095 Michael P. Donnelly (D) 16,710 Supreme Court (1/2/19 term) Mary Degenaro (R) 16,813 Melody J. Stewart (D) 13,053 U.S. Congress (4th District) Janet Garrett (D) 11,271 Jim Jordan (R) 24,089 Ohio Representative (4th District) Tristam Cheeseman (D) 9,438 Bob Cupp (R) 25,620 3rd District Court of Appeals John R. Willamowski (R) 27,323 Commissioner Greg Sneary (R) 27,912 Auditor Rachael S. Gilroy (R) 28,134 Sheriff (unexpired term) Matthew B. Treglia (R) 29,229 Coroner (unexpired term) John T. Meyer (R) 28,058 Treasurer (unexpired term) Evalyn M. Shaffner (R) 27,863 Common Pleas Judge Terri L. Kohlrieser (R) 27,385 Issues Mental Health and Recovery Services 1 mill renewal, current operating expenses, five years For 24,386 Against 10,623 Elida schools 1 mill renewal, permanent improvements, five years For 4,017 Against 2,957 Shawnee schools 4.113 mill renewal, emergency requirements, five years For 4,682 Against 2,702 Shawnee schools 4.482 mill additional, emergency requirements, 10 years For 3,385 Against 3,978 Perry schools 3.482 mill renewal, avoiding an operating deficit, five years For 712 Against 469 Jackson Township 0.75 mill renewal, fire and emergency services, five years For 1,034 Against 312 Perry Township 0.5 mill renewal, fire and emergency, five years For 784 Against 392 Cairo 2.5 mill renewal, current operating expenses, five years For 118 Against 53 Bath E Fat Jack’s (Findlay Road) Sunday sales of wine and mixed beverages For 160 Against 55 Bath E Fat Jack’s (West Street) Sunday sales of wine and mixed beverages For 158 Against 58 Bath E Sportscasters Bar and Patio Sunday sales of spirituous liquor For 139 Against 76

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