Fran DeWine finishes Ohio tour in Lima

By Josh Ellerbrock -

LIMA — Fran DeWine, wife of gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine, spent Tuesday afternoon in Allen County during the final stop of her 88-county tour across the state to listen to the concerns of Ohio voters as part of her husband’s campaign for governor.

“I always like to come here to Lima,” DeWine said. “Our daughter was born here, and I know (Allen County Republican Chairman Keith Cheney) always does a good job.”

Because of Allen County’s position as the last stop of her tour of Ohio, DeWine brought company. Joining her at the podium of the Allen County Republican Party’s campaign headquarters were the wives of multiple state-wide Republican candidates — Amanda Sprague, wife of state treasurer candidate Robert Sprague; Lauren LaRose, wife of Ohio secretary of state candidate Frank LaRose; Darlene Yost, wife of attorney general candidate David Yost; Andrea Faber, wife of state auditor candidate Keith Faber; and Tina Husted, wife of lieutenant governor candidate Jon Husted.

“It’s really important that all of our candidates are family-oriented people, and they rely on their spouses,” DeWine said.

Jane Timken, Ohio Republican Party chairwoman, said Democrats often claim to champion women’s issues, but women are far from a monolithic set of voters and that she has heard concerns from strong conservative women about the left holding views they don’t agree with.

During her tour across Ohio, DeWine said she has seen many different family-oriented programs that are fighting against some of the public social issues affecting women and children. From drug treatment centers to homeless shelters, DeWine said she has listened to the concerns of Ohio voters.

“She wants to know what people are feeling, what their hopes and dreams are,” Husted said when she introduced DeWine.

Of Ohio state-wide candidates, only two are women — Betty Sutton, Democratic lieutenant governor candidate, and Kathleen Clyde, Democratic candidate for Ohio secretary of state.

“She’s a great girl,” LaRose said of Clyde, her husband’s opponent. “But, you know, we need Frank in there.”

As for the other candidate’s wives, each took a turn at the podium to explain the benefits of their husband’s campaigns while pushing for the wider Republican ticket to the crowd, many of whom were women.

“We know our guys are great,” Yost said. “We have an amazing ticket, but they need you to get off the ground.”

By Josh Ellerbrock

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

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