Marriages license applications filed in Allen County probate court

The following individuals filed applications for marriage licenses in Allen County Probate Court:

Kelly Amstead and Jamie Thirkill, both of Lima; Frank Aultman and Collette Johnson, both of Lima; Drew Erb and Nicole Luthman, both of Lima; Trevor Kill and Danielle Sudhoff, both of Lima; Justin Gill and Alexis Keller, both of Lima; Dalton Erb and Ashley Hunt, both of Lima; Jusin Hanf and Mikhalia Scirocco, both of Delphos; David Clementz and Charisty Phillips, both of Lima; Donald Cannella and Melissa Rowe, both of Lima; Linda Groff-Mroz of Amhert, N.Y., and Jonathan Jenkins of Lima; Korey Cress and Melissa Sergent, both of Lima; Robert Stauffer and Heather Siebeneck, both of Fort Jennings; Joseph Grubehoff and Kristina Franks, both of Elida; and Dana Tvenstrup and Michelle Whetstone, both of Spencerville.

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