Lima school board approves contract with administrators

District also receives more former ECOT students

By Sam Shriver -

LIMA — Lima City Schools opened last week and, so far, things have gone smoothly.

“We’ve had great weather. Transportation, we seem to — now that we’ve changed that whole middle school structure that’s been several years — we seem to have that bussing down pretty well. I think it’s gone really well. Attendance is good and people seem to be happy. Kids have all of their supplies [and] we’re still getting school supplies, so we’re really grateful about that. It really has gone really well,” said Superintendent Jill Ackerman.

The closure of ECOT has also benefited Lima schools.

“We have been able to receive back several of those kids. We were required by the State of Ohio to contact every single kid that had been an ECOT student. So we were successful in locating them all. Some of them stayed virtual, with Ohio Virtual Academy for high school kids that came into our digital academy, but a lot of them came back into the traditional brick-and-mortar schools, so we were happy about that,” said Ackerman.

During Monday night’s Board of Education meeting, the board approved a two-year labor contract with the Lima Congress for School Administrative Personnel. This group consists of about 20 members who hold administrative positions in the school district, such as principals.

At the last school board meeting, a representative of the union met in executive session with board members to discuss an offer. Last week, the union approved the agreement, and the final approval came from the board Monday night.

“The administrators were the last bargaining group that we have completed another two-year agreement with. First, we did the classified staff and then we did the teaching staff. We just finished with the administrators, so there’s probably not a lot in there that is different from what other people have gotten in terms of insurance and wages. We did agree to give them some longevity steps for their time in the district. They only have a six-step scale, so you can quickly get to the sixth step and a lot of people have been at that sixth step for a very long time, so they don’t really get a cost of living increase or anything like that. So we did agree to a longevity stipend, so if you stay in the district for so many years, you get X amount of monies,” said Ackerman.
District also receives more former ECOT students

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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