Marriage license applications filed

The following individuals filed applications for marriage licenses in Allen County Probate Court:

Timothy Hittle and Sharon Thomas, both of Lima; Aaron Erickson and Naomi Goff, both of Elida; Michael Glazier and Bethany Biggs, both of Lima; Maxwell Giller and Katelyn Goergens, both of Delphos; Kevin Boehner of West Chester and Shiela Willamowski of Lima; Troy Keysor and Angela Dimock, both of Spencerville; Ronald Coelho Jr. and Collene Kelly, both of Harrod; Mark Hunter and Rebecca Bradner, both of Bluffton; Travis Cramer and Haley Neely, both of Lima; Angelo Cartwright and Renisha Hobbs, both of Lima; Tafadzwa Homera an Mariah Heffner, both of Lima; Nathan Adams and Heather Quinn, both of Bluffton; Timothy Smith and Amanda Gossard, both of Lima; and Jonathan Frost and Summer Miller, both of Apopka, Florida.

Also, Randall Hines and Judith Wieging, both of Spencerville; Gary Brown of Lima and Jacqueline Green of Elida; Jaed Wilson and Suzanne Leyton, both of Lima; Dylan Kersker and Melissa Hefner, both of Lima; Jack Hilvers and Charles Honigford, both of Delphos; Tatyania White and Kalito Lasenby Sr., both of Lima; Gregory Tyson Jr. and Danielle McVicker, both of Lima; Amanda Fricke and Ashley Mark Miller, both of Elida; Shawn McKee and Bonnie Johnson, both of Lima; Eric Furry and Kimberly Riddell, both of Delphos; Timothy Reimund of Columbus Grove and Alecia Menke of Lima; Johnny Banks and Alisa Hawkins, both of Lima; David Kerby and Angel Erk, both of Lima; Ryan Baldauf and Casey Miller, both of Spencerville; Kellen Elwer and Elizabeth Schosker, both of Fort Jennings; and Cody Green and Tyra Lamar, both of Lima.

Also, Garrett Harkness and Amber Hovest, both of Columbus Grove; Emmanuel Curtis and Yolanda Armstrong, both of Lima; Rodney Taylor and Marcia Stark, both of Lima; Rahul Tundel and Elizabeth Wagner, both of Elida; Donald Barrett and Brittany Ralston, both of Lima; Joshua Warren and Michelle Peake, both of Lima; Christopher Collier and Megan Ditto, both of Lima; Noah Illig of Delphos and Jacey Grigsby of Spencerville; Richard Warren and Amber Phalen, both of Lima; Caleb Berens and Makenzie Rayl, both of Lima; Phillip Dotson and Sharon Jamison, both of Lima; and Joseph Trejo and Emily Nussbaum, both of Delphos.

Also, Robin White and Tiffani Pinks, both of Lima; Dustin Theis and Latosha Gardner, both of Harrod; Nathan Plaugher of Lafayette and Blair Emerick of Lima; Jayme Rossman and Anthony Schumacher, both of Bluffton; Justin Everett and Kacey Holbrook, both of Delphos; Corey Peters and Brittany Nolan, both of Lima; Taylor Burkholder and Miranda Perrine, both of Delphos; Loren Collins and Carla Williams, both of Lima; Phillip Fronk and Denise Mathews, both of Delphos; Nolan Roberts and Destiney Goble, both of Harrod; Douglas Michael and Valarie Parkins, both of Lima; Dennis Spring of Lima and Marcia Griffith of Cecil; Sean Walt and Joanna Van Sickle, Lima; Danny Wombles of Lima and June Jara at Davao Del Norte, Philippines; Jamie Dixon Jr. and Letese Dobbins, both of Lima.

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