Gilroy appointed interim auditor

LIMA — Allen County Commissioners approved Rachael Gilroy as interim Allen County Auditor during an emergency Monday morning meeting. Rhonda Eddy-Stienecker stepped down from the position at the end of last week.

Gilroy, who is currently the only candidate on the November ballot for the position, had previously held the position of Allen County Treasurer. She stepped down as treasurer to take the interim auditor position.

“I don’t have a challenger in November, so I was likely to receive the appointment by the party anyway,” Gilroy said. “We can get to work right way and ease up on the transition.”

At the same Monday meeting, Evalyn Shaffner, the chief deputy of finance in the Allen County Treasurer’s Office, was approved by commissioners as Gilroy’s replacement.

Allen County Commissioners must immediately fill those positions when they are open, but the Allen County Republican Party’s central executive committee has the final say for the appointment. The party will be accepting applications for both the auditor and treasurer positions, but the timeline for that process has not been set, Allen County Republican Chairman Keith Cheney said.

Both Gilroy and Shaffner will serve in their interim positions between five to 45 days before the Allen County Republican Party makes its appointments.

Shaffner’s previous experience includes four years with the Allen County Treasurer’s Office as chief deputy of finance and six years with the Allen County Auditor’s Office. She also spent time working with the Veterans Memorial Civic & Convention Center.

Shaffner said she isn’t sure if she’ll seek the full-time appointment with the county as Allen County Treasurer.

“I’ll think about it. Right now, I want to get through collections,” Shaffner said.

“I’m going to take some time and settle in,” Gilroy said. “Thankfully, I’m very familiar with the staff and the roles that they play through both departments.”

Gilroy said instituting further efficiencies within the Allen County Auditor’s Office is one of her goals working in the auditor position.

For example, the Allen County Auditor’s Office typically closes early on Tuesdays for staff meetings and training. She plans on changing that process so the office can stay open Tuesday afternoon.

Former auditor Rhonda Eddy-Stienecker stepped down from the position last week to work at a nonprofit in Indiana.
  By Josh Ellerbrock  
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