Above average heat moving out of area by weekend

LIMA — It probably didn’t go unnoticed, but Memorial Day weekend wasn’t just hot — it was unseasonably hot.

Lima reached a new record breaking high temperature Memorial Day reaching 94 degrees, said Evan Duffey, a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

The intense heat for the holiday weekend contributed to a busy opening weekend for the Ottawa Metro Park Beach, which opened at noon Saturday.

“That was definitely the busiest opening weekend since I’ve been here because of the heat,” said Molly Scott, who has worked at the beach for the past five years.

Scott said the beach had around 470 visitors during Memorial Day. A thunderstorm Saturday forced workers to close down the beach early, but Sunday featured over 200 visitors, Scott said.

Maria Illig, an employee with R.A. Flynn and Son, said the intense heat is also causing air conditioning units to break down. When she came into work Tuesday there were between 16 and 20 air conditioning repair work orders.

“It always seems like this when you have an extreme heat wave, you get a lot of calls their air conditioner is not working,” Illig said. “It isn’t keeping up or the fan’s running warm air.”

Duffey said Lima’s normal temperature range for May 28 is a high of 75 degrees and a low of 54 degrees, with an average temperature of 64 degrees. Monday saw a high temperature of 94 degrees and a low of 67 degrees, with an average temperature of 81 degrees, 17 degrees above normal.

“So far, the last data we’ve had at the Lima Allen County Airport the 12th [of May] was the last day that was not above normal,” Duffey said. “The past three days have been more than 10-degrees above normal.”

Duffey said this is a direct result of Subtropical Storm Alberto, which is pulling hot air from the Gulf of Mexico and the southeast and moving it north. This is causing warm air and humidity be pulled into the area. At night, the humidity prevents the air from cooling, which is causing the above average low evening temperatures, he said.

Cloud cover and rain are expected to move into the Lima area beginning Wednesday as the remnant of Alberto moves into the area, Duffey said. As the cooler front moves into the area, thunderstorms, some severe, are possible Wednesday during the day and at night, he said. Rain is expected to continue Thursday and Friday until the front finishes moving through, Duffey said.

He said the weekend should be cooler and we should be able to open our windows at night instead of relying on air conditioning.

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