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By Sam Shriver -

Isaac Hanover

Isaac Hanover

LIMA — Senior Isaac Hanover has some big goals after he graduates from Shawnee High School.

The 17-year-old wants to study biomedical engineering and then go into patent law for grad school.

He’s already been accepted into Dartmouth College.

“My dad’s a doctor, so I’m not a blood and guts kind of guy by any means, but I really like helping people and I’m interested in engineering because I’m more of a STEM type of kid. I enjoy chemistry, physics, math as opposed to language arts. I still enjoy that stuff, but not nearly as much as those STEM classes. So that had me leaning towards engineering and then the biomedical, I felt, was very interesting. I’m in anatomy this year, and I find it very interesting and I think it would be a great way that what I design or make can directly be applied to helping people,” he said.

So where does this desire to become a patent lawyer come into play?

“Actually I got that idea when I was listening to a speaker at an intro to a camp that my brother went to and she [the speaker] went into mechanical engineering and then patent law and my mom has always said to me it’s important to find your niche and something that makes you really valuable, something that you enjoy but also something that not a lot of people do. I got to thinking if I have that engineering background, I think that makes me a lot more marketable as a patent lawyer because I have that background and can actually understand the stuff that I’m trying to get patents for,” said Hanover.

Hanover is also active in helping with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

“The summer before my junior year, I decided that I wanted to be a Big Brother, and so I went to the Allen County chapter and they turned me down because I wasn’t old enough. But I was still really interested in it, so I really like community service. I’ve been involved with our Octagon Club here, which is our Junior Optimist community service organization, so I decided I wanted to find some other way to kind of do this. So I talked to the lady and asked if she had any ideas, and she said other schools have school branches of Big Brother Big Sister,” he said.

Hanover and other students helped set up the program, taking more than a year.

“There’s a group of around 20 of us, and we were all assigned 5th-grade mentees or littles over at the middle school. Every Monday, we go over there and we sit and talk to them, play games. We’re absolutely there if they need us for academics, but the whole point of Big Brother Big Sister is to help them if they need it academically but also be there as a sibling, play with them, make sure they’re having fun. So we play a lot of games, talk to them, eat lunch with them, stuff like that,” Hanover said.

Isaac Hanover Hanover
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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