LCC’s Koenig seeks dermatology career

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By Sam Shriver -

Hailey Koenig

Hailey Koenig

LIMA —— Hailey Koenig, 17, a junior at Lima Central Catholic, has her sights set on a career in dermatology.

She has a 4.2 grade point average.

“I kind of thought I wanted to be a teacher, but then as science and math got harder, I actually started to like it more, so I decided I wanted to do something that would incorporate the math and science part. So I just picked dermatology,” Koenig said.

Like many juniors in high school, she’s still looking at where to further her education.

“I’m looking at O.U. [Ohio University], [University of] Cincinnati and Miami [University] of Ohio,” she said.

Koenig is dedicated to the scholastic side of life at LCC, but when she isn’t hitting the books, she’s playing soccer or basketball.

“Both of the sports are more team-oriented. There are individual aspects, but you have to work well with others, and that’s kind of carried over in the classroom for me, as well,” she said.

For some, balancing academics and sports can be difficult, but Koenig is managing just fine.

“Yeah, but I’ve been doing it since elementary school, so it’s not anything,” she said.

Koenig says she likes the atmosphere at LCC, especially when it comes to the closeness she feels with her fellow students and teachers.

“The class sizes I like. You kind of have the connection with the teacher and like the one on one connection is very personal. I also like how we get to go to church or we could just go to the chapel if we want to during study hall so it’s really faith-oriented, which I like,” she said.

Koenig is already taking college classes while attending LCC, including psychology, sociology, pre-calculus and English.

Hailey Koenig Koenig
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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