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By Sam Shriver -

Kaleb Jefferson

Kaleb Jefferson

Sam Shriver | The Lima News

BLUFFTON — Kaleb Jefferson, 18, a senior at Bluffton High School, is hoping to parlay his 4-year letterman high school football career into a chance to play in college. The offensive running back/defensive linebacker hopes to go to either Siena Heights University, Heidelberg University or Mount Union College.

“Hopefully I can get some more visits going and that will help me decide,” said Jefferson.

But Jefferson is more than just a football player for the Pirates.

He also plays basketball [2-year letterman] and is on the track team [3-year letterman].

“When you talk with a lot of coaches they’ll tell you about how [sports] will help you grow as a man and with football it helped me deal with problems and face them front-on,” he said.

Jefferson is hoping to use his football skills as his ticket to a college education.

“I love the game playing football, so it’s a win-win, really,” he said.

Todd Boblitt is the high school basketball coach and is impressed with Jefferson.

“Kaleb is a tremendous student-athlete. He has been a really positive role model to his peers. He is a young man that a lot of our younger athletes look up to, and I would say that we’re all excited to see what he’s going to be able to do, moving forward to play collegiate football,” Boblitt said.

He is still trying to figure out his future in the classroom and beyond.

“I’ve thought about engineering for a little while, and then I’ve been introduced to a couple of things like Sports Business or Management. I like sports, so it kind of helps me stick around with those areas,” said Jefferson.

He’s also musically inclined.

“I play the violin, but this year I’m not as good because, being so busy, I haven’t been able to practice like I usually do. It’s not a school thing anymore. So I practice during study hall, that’s if I don’t have a lot of homework,” he said.

Jefferson also volunteers when he can.

“I’ve done stuff for the football team. We’ve done cleaning up at the Mennonite home. We’ve filled up sandbags for a flood that was coming [in Bluffton],” he said.

He’s also active in the Little Pirates program at Bluffton.

“We help with basketball with the little kids in the mornings,” he noted.

Kaleb Jefferson JeffersonSam Shriver | The Lima News
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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