Commissioners: county has no say over cable TV fees

ALLEN COUNTY — Allen County Commissioner Cory Noonan released a statement related to the county’s authority of cable television video service authorization fees. The statement reads:

“I have addressed the concerns raised by a local group regarding cable TV in our area. The Ohio Revised Code provides that cities, villages and townships have the ability to institute up to a five percent local video service authorization fee. No authority is provided to counties.

“Prior to 2007, cable TV providers (hard line providers) worked with cities, villages and townships to establish service in the area through a franchise fee. In late 2007, State of Ohio changed from a franchise fee to the video service authorization fee where cable providers now must be authorized through the State of Ohio and then cities, villages and townships may institute up to a five percent fee on the services being provided in the area.

“Again, the county commissioners have no authority as it relates to cable TV fees, pricing or competition.”

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