Column: An open letter to Mayor Berger

Mr. Mayor,

Your words have saddened me, and have negatively impacted my credibility as a business consultant in Lima.

I reached out to you last week on April 3rd to share information about our redevelopment efforts at AEDG, and to ask for your advice. You indicated the conversation with AEDG was halted, and there was nothing that could be done to rebuild the trust and relationship between AEDG and you, because AEDG had misrepresented facts about the City’s and Building Department’s impact on redevelopment.

And then you published in The Lima News on April 6th. “… it was the work of myself and my administration that resulted in the creation of some of the most aggressive development tools being promoted by my critics including MakerFest, Link Lima…”

Mayor, you and I both know that, while you (City of Lima) were supportive of MakerFest ($1,000 donated out of $189,000 raised in 2017), this community-wide initiative was and continues to be the work of nearly 100 of the employers of the Greater Lima Region under the leadership of Jeff Sprague and AEDG, not the Mayor’s office or any other part of the City.

And the “Link Lima” workforce development framework and strategy you claim your work created — including such programs as “Home Field Advantage,” the “Link Lima Site Visit Program,” and the “Engineering Executive Lunch Program” – may have received your personal input, but were clearly not created as a result of any of you or your administration’s efforts. Rather MakerFest and Link Lima exist solely because of the thousands of hours of effort from our region’s wonderful employers under the leadership of AEDG.

When you claim creation of programs that you did not create, you not only misrepresent the truth as you are accusing others of doing, you insult the many businesses who invested significant time and money to make these programs happen.

I must ask you to please immediately publish a retraction – at least regarding creation of MakerFest and Link Lima – that appropriately acknowledges creation of these program by the parties who actually did this important work. Anything less would be a misrepresentation.


Doug Arthur , Transform Consulting LLC

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