County receives $14,250 to prevent opioid overdoses

From staff reports

LIMA — Allen County Public Health has received $14,250 in state funding to prevent opioid overdoses. Under Project Deaths Avoided With Naloxone, the health department offers naloxone kits and education to drug users and their families to be used in case of an opioid overdose before first responders arrive.

Expanding access to naloxone is one part of Ohio’s comprehensive approach to combatting opioid abuse and overdose deaths.

“The use of naloxone as quickly as possible is critical to saving lives during all opioid overdoses — but especially during overdoses involving fentanyl, carfentanil and related drugs since they can kill quickly,” ODH Director Lance Himes said. “Having a family member or friend administer naloxone while waiting on first responders to arrive could mean the difference between life and death.”

The Ohio Department of Health distributed 19,000 naloxone kits in 2017, which were used to reverse at least 1,400 opioid overdoses, through Project DAWN.

Naloxone is administered through a nasal spray, works within two to eight minutes and wears off after an hour and a half. Overdoses involving fentanyl and related drugs often require the use of more than one dose of naxolone.

The $14,250 given to the health department is a portion of the $2 million allocated in the state’s budget for naxolone distribution.

From staff reports

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