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By Sam Shriver -

Abbi Chorvas

Abbi Chorvas

ST. MARYS — Abbi Chorvas, 18, a senior at St. Marys Memorial High School is looking to make a difference by becoming a journalist.

“I’m going to Bowling Green in the fall and I’m going to major in journalism. I hope to pick up a minor in Spanish because I’m in the fourth year of Spanish already, so I hope I can keep that going and maybe use it in journalism studies someday,” she said.

“I enjoy writing about stuff, sharing my opinion with people, communicating with others. Right now I’ve been doing print journalism, dipping my toes in, but I can’t wait to go to college and really explore what they have there. I’ve visited their communications building. They have a radio station and a TV station. I just can’t wait to try all that out to see which one I like the most,” she said.

Chorvas, who holds a 3.6 Grade Point Average also took advantage of getting in some college credit while in high school.

“This year I was in a College Credit Plus English class, and then I was also in Sociology and Psychology. It’s really nice that I get to finish all of the my high school classes and also start the college classes.”

Chorvas is also in the Roughrider band, where she plays the trumpet, flute and piccolo. Her favorite instruments, however, are the camera and pen.

“We have this thing called ‘The Historian’ and I collect pictures of the band and I get to write articles about the band and later on I can send it to the newspaper in St. Marys and they’ll write up a story about it,” she said.

Chorvas was also involved in sports.

“I played volleyball all four years in high school. I was a cheerleader for two years and I played softball my freshman year. I was really busy early on in my high school career but then later on I really decided on what I really wanted to do,” she noted.

Chorvas works two jobs to raise money for college and says she appreciates her experience as a Roughrider.

“I really like all of the staff and administration. They make you feel really welcome here, and I love the students. It’s like on the verge of being a big school, but it’s small enough that everyone knows everyone and everyone’s really nice to each other,” she added.

Abbi Chorvas Chorvas
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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