Celina Aluminum Precision Technology earns award

By Camri Nelson - cnelson@limanews.com

CELINA — Employees from Celina Aluminum Precision Technology Inc. received the Challenging Spirit Award from Honda for maintaining order after a tornado hit the city in November.

The twister took down both power lines that supplied CAPT. As a result, CAPT associates worked with Honda to provide enough generator power to restore CAPT operations for three days.

During that time CAPT associates established safeguards to protect the aluminum and maintain holding furnaces in the molding state. They prioritized product shipments to six Honda production locations in North America.

“When the chips were down and it was time to get busy and understand the damage, CAPT and its associates took some significant action the week of November 5th,” said Darryl Sherman, Anna Engine Plant Site Leader for Honda.

All of those tasks were accomplished without the mainframe system, which they used on a daily basis to manage the business. Due to those circumstances, associates worked excessive overtime on weekdays, as well as on the weekends to build the inventory back up.

“Consistently throughout that first week and the weeks following there was always a demonstration of a ‘can do’ attitude, showing complete flexibility and professionalism to the entire crisis,” said Sherman.

Celina’s power was back on by Friday of that week and CAPT was able to prevent Honda’s frame assembly plants in Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, and Canada from being slowed down.

“I think anything we can do to keep Honda running makes us look good,” said Bob Kirkpatrick, CAPT service manager. “We have a lot of associates who helped make this happen. The big thing is it’s a big accomplishment to know that they didn’t have to shut anything down.”

Despite all the hardship, the month of November had the best month of quality within the last year, according to Sherman.

“You realized all the things you went through in those weeks and you still had exceptional quality and I definitely want to recognize that,” said Sherman.

Celina Mayor, Jeffrey Hazel, was just as grateful to the Honda team as well as the CAPT associates for working together and getting the city back in order.

”I find CAPT to be a great corporate citizen in Celina,” said Hazel. “This was not an easy fix. We lost a substantial amount of power and businesses that were not impacted still had to be ran on a day-to-day basis.”

Hazel said that he knew CAPT was a company that ran a tight production line and is pleased with the responses of the crew and how they worked tirelessly to get the facility’s and the city’s power back up and running.

“While I think many businesses had bad damage, what I seen is the spirit of people and I’m honored to be here on this presentation of this Challenging Spirit Award,” said Hazel. “Every CAPT associate absolutely deserves this award and the fact that no one had to shut down says a lot about your perseverance.”

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By Camri Nelson


Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews

Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews

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