Social media threat investigated by Shawnee Police

LIMA — A vague Facebook post about a threatened shooting at “SHS” has law enforcement across Ohio looking into the matter.

According to a screenshot posted on social media, a post from Ray Andres read, “I will not being (sic) telling people what my name is, but I will bring a gun to school Tomorrow, so be prepared to hear shoots (sic).” A subsequent post read, “Yes SHS is the school I want.”

The Shawnee Township Police department was inundated with phone calls Wednesday night from concerned parents looking for answers and wondering if the threat was aimed at Shawnee High School.

Detective Jack Miller says they’ve been in contact with other police departments to try and track down where the threat may be aimed at.

He says that the likely location the threat was aimed at was Springfield High School in Ohio.

At 9:09 p.m., Sidney schools posted on Facebook that an investigation from the Sidney Police Department, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department and other Ohio law enforcement agencies confirmed that the post was made outside Ohio.

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