More sex-related charges filed against former Shawnee teacher

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LIMA — The legal woes for a one-time Shawnee High School teacher continue to mount.

Kyle Baker, 27, of Lima, appeared in Allen County Common Pleas Court last week to answer to additional charges filed by a grand jury related to his alleged sexual relationship with an underage female student.

Baker was charged in late December with sexual battery, a third-degree felony, after a Shawnee Township Police officer observed Baker and the 14-year-old female student together in Baker’s vehicle. Police had received an earlier tip that Baker was having an improper relationship with the student.

The new charges against Baker include five counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, five counts of sexual battery and a single count of tampering with evidence. All are third-degree felonies.

Baker has been incarcerated in the Allen County Jail since his arrest.

Prosecutors earlier this month asked Judge David Cheney impose a stricter no-contact order after it came to light that the former Shawnee teacher, who is currently on unpaid leave, had tried to use Todd Neu, another prisoner in the jail, to communicate with the 14-year-old through Neu’s son, who is a classmate of the victim.

“In those letters the defendant asked her what she told the police, mentions about getting their stories straight, wanting to continue to be with her when he gets out, what the possible punishments might be and basically telling her we’re on the same side of this and things of that nature,” said Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Terri Kohlrieser.

Cheney issued the order and chastised Baker for his actions and prohibited him from receiving or sending any communications unless it’s with his attorney.

“I want to admonish you and caution you that one of the factors of this court will consider if we get to a point that any orders will have to be made by the court related to sentencing that violations of bond are a significant factor in determining whether or not someone is amenable to community control. That is a way of saying whether or not they are defiant of the court and or as a result of that defiance should be ordered to prison. I’m cautioning you in all respects not to communicate, attempt to communicate or encourage anyone to communicate with this victim or upon anyone who may be influential with this victim,” said Judge Cheney.

Baker is represented by Lima attorney Robert Grzybowski.


By J Swygart

Reach J Swygart at 567-242-0464.

Reach J Swygart at 567-242-0464.

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