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By Josh Ellerbrock -

A 'Vote Here' sign was set up Tuesday morning during the first day of early voting outside of the Allen County Board of Elections.  Jay Sowers / Photographer

A 'Vote Here' sign was set up Tuesday morning during the first day of early voting outside of the Allen County Board of Elections. Jay Sowers / Photographer

LIMA — The 2018 elections aren’t just going to be competitive; they’re also going to be crowded. Students, businessmen, machine operators, judges — it seems everyone wants a shot at political office.

Locally, there’s not much of a shakeup as most offices aren’t being challenged. The local elections of note include St. Marys Mayor Patrick McGowan’s challenge of current Auglaize County Commissioner Doug Spencer and the election between Franklin Miller of Ottawa and Pandora Mayor John Schlumbohm for Putnam County Commissioner.

The biggest change in Allen County is the retirement of current Allen County Auditor Rhonda Eddy, who will most likely be replaced by current Allen County Treasurer Rachael Gilroy.

In comparison, the state and national tickets are full of candidates of every shape, size and skill level. To explain each candidate’s experience and political platform might take up the whole paper, so for now, here’s a quick list of state and nationwide elections voters will find on the primary ballot on May 8.

State Attorney General

  • Steve Dettelbach (D) - First-time political candidate, former U.S. attorney
  • Dave Yost (R) - Current Ohio auditor of state

Auditor of State

  • Keith Faber (R) - Current State Representative of Ohio House District 84
  • Kelli Prather (D) - Ran for Congress in 2016, lost to Ted Strickland in the primary
  • Zack Space (D) - Former U.S. Representative of Ohio’s 18th Congressional District from 2007 to 2010

Governor/Lt. Governor

  • Richard Cordray/Betty Sutton (D) - Recent director of the Consumer Protection Agency
  • Mike DeWine/Jon Husted (R) - Current state attorney general, endorsed by Republican Party
  • Larry E. Ealy/Jeffrey Lynn (D) - 2nd run for Ohio governor
  • Constance Gadell-Newton/Brett R. Joseph (G) - Green Party candidate, Columbus attorney
  • Jonathan Heavey/Adam Hudak (D) - First-time candidate, physician, spent $1.5 million to personally fund campaign
  • Dennis John Kucinich/Tara L. Samples (D) - Former presidential candidate and former U.S. Representative
  • Bill O’Neill/Chantelle C. Lewis (D) - Former Ohio Supreme Court justice, recently bragged online about sexual exploits
  • Connie Pillich/Scott Schertzer (D) - Former state representative of Ohio House District 28
  • Paul E. Ray/Jerry M. Schroeder (D) - Unknown
  • Joe Schiavoni/Stephanie Dodd (D) - State senator
  • Mary Taylor/Nathan D. Estruth (R) - Lieutenant governor

Secretary of State

  • Kathleen Clyde (D) - State representative of Ohio House District 75
  • Frank LaRose (R) - State senator

Supreme Court

  • Craig Baldwin (R) - Term Commencing 1/1/2019 - Domestic Relations Court judge to the Fifth District Court of Appeals
  • Mary DeGenaro (R) - Term Commencing 1/2/2019 – incumbent, replaced gubernatorial candidate Bill O’Neil
  • Michael Donnelly (D) - Term Commencing 1/1/2019 – Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge
  • Melody Stewart (D) - Term Commencing 1/2/2019 – Eighth District Court of Appeals judge

Treasurer of State

  • Sandra O’Brien (R) - Held office as treasurer of Ashtabula County, ran for Ohio secretary of state in 2010
  • Neil Patel (D) - Two unsuccessful runs for state senator, current sales agent for New York Life
  • Rob Richardson (D) - First-time candidate, chair of the University of Cincinnati’s Board of Trustees
  • Robert Sprague (R) - State representative of Ohio House District 83

United States Senate

  • Melissa Ackison (R) - Partner in a surveying and engineering company
  • Sherrod Brown (D) - Incumbent
  • Don Elijah Eckhart (R) - Ran against Sen. Rob Portman in 2016’s primary Senate race
  • Mike Gibbons (R) - First-time candidate, Cleveland-area businessman
  • Dan Kiley (R) - First-time candidate, Cincinnati-area businessman
  • Jim Renacci (R) - U.S. representative of Ohio’s 16th Congressional District

Ohio House District 4

  • Bob Cupp (R) - Incumbent, state representative since 2014, served as a Ohio Supreme Court justice from 2006 to 2013
  • Tristam Cheeseman (D) - First-time candidate, born in 1999

Ohio House District 81

  • Jim Hoops (R) - Incumbent, formerly served as Ohio Representative from 1998 to 2006
  • Thomas Librecht (R) - Chairman of the Putnam County Republican Party, small business owner
  • Janet Breneman (D) - Ran for a house seat (District 67) in 2016

Ohio House District 82

  • Craig Riedel (R) - Incumbent, won election against former incumbent in 2016
  • Aden Baker (D) - Youngest candidate on this list, 18-years-old

Ohio House District 83

  • Cheryl Buckland (R) - First-time candidate, former small business owner, experience in healthcare and education
  • Jon Cross (R) - First-time candidate, CEO of Hardin County Chamber and Business Alliance
  • Ashley Philipp (D) - First-time candidate, student at Bowling Green State University

Ohio House District 84

  • Travis Faber (R) - First-time candidate, attorney, nephew of current 84th Representative Keith Faber
  • Aaron Heilers (R) - First-time candidate, project manager for the Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network
  • Susan Manchester (R) - First-time candidate, community outreach director for nonprofit, experience in D.C. working under Jim Jordan
  • Joe Monbeck (D) - First-time candidate, advertising consultant

Senate District 1

  • Adam Papin (D) - First-time candidate, machine operator
  • Robert McColley (R) - Incumbent, replaced former Sen. Cliff Hite
  • Bob Barker Jr. (R) - Unknown
  • Craig Kupferberg (R) - Former Findlay High School principal

4th Congressional District Race

  • Jim Jordan (R) - Incumbent, has served in Congress since 2007
  • Joseph Miller (R) - Unknown
  • Norbert G. Denneril Jr. (D) - Cleveland city councilman in the ’50s and ’60s, has run for a number of different offices
  • Janet Garrett (D) - Ran against Jordan in 2014 and 2016
  • Leah Sellers (D) - First-time candidate, Marysville attorney
  • Cody James Slatzer-Rose (D) - First-time candidate, software developer

5th Congressional District Race

  • Bob Latta (R) - Incumbent, has served in Congress since 2007
  • James Neu Jr. (D) - Ran against Latta in 2016
  • Michael Galbraith (D) First-time candidate, investor
  • Bob Kreienkamp (R) - First-time candidate, broadcast engineer
  • Todd Wolfrum (R) - Van Wert County commissioner

A 'Vote Here' sign was set up Tuesday morning during the first day of early voting outside of the Allen County Board of Elections. Jay Sowers / Photographer 'Vote Here' sign was set up Tuesday morning during the first day of early voting outside of the Allen County Board of Elections. Jay Sowers / Photographer

By Josh Ellerbrock

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

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