Socks to ease young nerves before surgery

By Camri Nelson -

LIMA — Pediatric surgery patients at Grand Lake Joint Township District Memorial Hospital now have something to look forward to before their their procedures — socks.

Socks for Surgery started as an collaborative idea between Dr. James and Peggy Kemmler and their children, Woods and Hellito, to provide comfort and lessen the fear of being in the hospital.

Their children, who had had surgeries at a young age, were given fun pair of socks before their surgery and said that it helped them take the minds of young patients off the surgery and their fears. The Kemmlers hope that their socks have the same effect on other patients.

People who are looking to contribute can drop off socks in the “Socks for Surgery” box at the Celina Gym and Cheer, Caio! Medspa, Crossfit Crave, En Pointe Dance Studio, Kemmler Orthopaedic Center and MoR Rehab.

By Camri Nelson

Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews.

Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews.

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