Putnam County veteran comission office aks for yarn donations

OTTAWA — Kristi Powell, Veteran Service Officer with the Putnam County Veterans Service Commission, is asking for donations of red, white and blue yarn from Putnam County residents for a veterans community service project for Christmas 2018.

The yarn will be provided to inmates from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction so they may earn points to community service while making hats, scarves, gloves and other warm, winter apparel for local veterans. The apparel they create will be delivered to veterans in veteran retirement homes located in Sandusky and Marion for Christmas in 2018, according to Veteran Service Officer Bob Kroeger.

“We’re also going out to the nursing homes and asking the veterans what they want, whether it be a candy car or sweat pants,” said Kroeger.

He said the office used to hand out gift cards for stores like Walmart to the veterans but than someone had to go pick them up a gift they wanted. Asking them what they wanted and giving it to them directly seemed more convenient for everyone involved, Kroeger said.


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