Tiny model shows porch from McKinley’s famed 1896 campaign

Associated Press

CANTON — The long-demolished Ohio house where former President William McKinley gave speech after speech for his presidential “front porch campaign” in 1896 is being rebuilt as a miniature model by a local historian.

Lonnie Schrader, of Plain Township, tells The Repository he’s spent two years and $1,500 on his dollhouse version of the two-story Canton home. He cut thin railings, glued roof shingles individually and installed tiny doorknobs and framed artwork on the walls. A McKinley figure stands on the porch in a jacket and bowtie.

Schrader says it’s not an exact replica. The 68-year-old retiree guessed how the back of the home appeared because no pictures of that side exist.

Where the model might end up is unclear. Schrader says he doesn’t want to keep it in his basement.


Associated Press

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