Extreme tempatures put older Ohioans at greater risk

LIMA — Extreme temperatures put older Ohioans at increased health risks and friends, neighbors and family can lower those risks states a release from the Ohio Department of Aging.

The Ohio Department of Aging suggests how older Ohioans can be helped during extreme weather.

Check on older neighbors, loved ones and family members before, during and after severe winter weather by making sure they have not fallen, don’t have any medical conditions that need attention and all medications are on hand. Make certain they have enough food and water. Check on their means of heating their home to ascertain if it’s safe and be sure it’s heating the home well enough to keep the elderly individual warm.

The Department of Aging suggests helping elderly neighbors and loved ones have winter preparedness kits available if needed. The kit should contain a battery-operated radio, flashlight with extra batteries, a loud whistle or bell and make sure they have plenty of easy to prepare food and a gallon of water per person per day. The kit should also contain an extra blanket and first aid supplies.

Additional considerations for older adults include a backup supply of medication and a proper means of storage for them, readily available medical equipment and assistive devices like canes and walkers. Also, the Department on Aging suggests elderly Ohioans have a safe place to go if it becomes unsafe for them to stay in their home and instructions for rescue personnel to relocate them safely in case of an emergency.


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