Krumel column: The Best of Roses, Worst of Thorns for 2017

By Jim Krumel -

They kept up with their brothers, sounded and looked like animals and were in no big hurry.

They were the best of roses and the worst of thorns for 2017.


No. 10: To Josh Kuhlman. The 16-year-old kept the family tradition going in winning the men’s division of the annual Lima Family YMCA/Kewpee Triathlon. His brothers, Derek and Jamie, had previously won it.

No. 9: To Lilly Wilker, 10, of New Bremen. Thanks to Lilly’s animal-calling talent, she and her parents, Amy and Tom, were invited to go to Los Angeles to take part in the Ellen DeGeneres show on NBC, “Little Big Shots.”

No. 8: To Cory Pinks, of CPC Contractors in Bluffton, and Richard Watkins, of 1st Class Siding and Windows in Harrod. Their companies were featured on the cable TV show “Treehouse Masters” as they were hired by the show’s host to help with a $20,000 treehouse renovation in Findlay.

No. 7: To Andy Wohlgamuth, of Lima. Standing in the crowd outside of the “Today” show, he held up a sign that said, “My wife said I’d get a new truck if I get on ‘Today.’” It worked as he was interviewed and photographed.

No. 6: To Jon Derryberry and Steven Oren. They have been officiating high school basketball as a team since 1984, working nearly 2,000 games and traveling thousands of miles to gyms across Northwest and West Central Ohio.

No. 5: To Thomas Flynn, a 1973 graduate of Lima Central Catholic. He wrote the screenplay for the movie “Gifted,” which was released by Disney in April.

No. 4: To Steve Ackerman, of Lafayette, whose persistence helped him solve a mystery. About six years ago, he was using his metal detector when he found a Bath High School class ring that was buried in about 6 inches of dirt. The ring had the initials V-K-C. A week ago, Ackerman learned the ring belonged to Vernon Kent Crisp, who along with his wife, Janice, were killed in 1989 when a drunken driver crashed into the Crisps’ automobile. Ackerman was able to track down their daughter, Jesse Meeker, and presented her with the ring. Meeker, who still lives in the area, was 3 years old at the time of her parents’ death.

No. 3: To Wapakoneta swimmer Michael Johnston. He gave his first-place Western Buckeye League medal to Ottawa-Glandorf’s Benjamin Sealts, who finished ahead of Johnston with a record time in the 200-yard medley but was disqualified on a technicality. “You broke the record, it should be yours,” Johnston explained to Sealts when handing him the medal.

No. 2: To Brian Mason, of Lima, who won a contest for being the person who looks the most like his or her dog.

No. 1: To Cory Lee, a Spencerville resident and a deputy for the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. He ate eight Kewpee hamburgers in 10 minutes — bun and all — to win the first-ever Kewpee Hamburger Eating Championship. The historic event was held during Lima’s 24th annual Star Spangled Spectacular.


No. 10: Miss Kentucky USA 2011, Kia B. Hampton, 28, of Louisville, Kentucky, was indicted in July by an Allen County grand jury after she was caught attempting to smuggle 2.82 grams of marijuana into the Allen-Oakwood Correctional Institution.

No. 9: A woman whose dog was so malnourished and neglected that it had to be euthanized, ended up walking away from Lima Municipal Court with only a fine and court costs of $500 and no jail time. Time in the clink is reserved only for people who are “vicious and cruel” to animals, Municipal Court prosecutor Rick Eddy tried to explain.

No. 8: Neil Armstrong went to the moon and back quicker than the U.S. Postal Service’s delivery of the birthday card sent by Myrna Myers to her granddaughter. Myers, of Harrod, sent the card in August and it arrived seven months later to her granddaughter’s home just outside of Harrod.

No. 7: Thieves stole a utility trailer used by the Lima Salvation Army to pick up donations and haul items to the food bank. The trailer was chained to a pole and the culprits cut the locks to essentially steal from the poor.

No. 6: To John Denton, of Ada. Officials said he grabbed a club and began breaking the windows of a sheriff’s cruiser when Hardin County deputies tried to stop him for a routine traffic violation.

No. 5: To Rob Galloway, a martial arts heavyweight fighter from Van Wert. He faced felonious assault charges after he attacked guards at the Van Wert County Jail. One guard was put in a chokehold until he passed out. Galloway then threw a handful of toilet water at another guard’s face. He also said he wanted to eat a human heart.

No. 4: To Dominic DiSalvo, who officials said led Celina police on an unusual car chase. When officers tried to pull him over for driving left of center, DiSalvo kept on going. But as he drove through the city, the Celina man was careful not to speed. He also stopped at stop signs and always used his turn signal. He didn’t start to speed until he got out of town, at which point he lost control of his vehicle, crashed and was caught by police.

No 3: To Mitchell Dale Mullins, 41, of Rockford. He began stripping naked after Mercer County Sheriff’s deputies stopped the vehicle he was driving. Mullins led deputies on a “slow speed” chase that never exceeded 15 mph and saw parts falling off his car.

No. 2: When William Melton went to check out the home he intended to buy in Bath Township, he found a grenade hanging from tree. Fortunately, after an inspection by the Allen County bomb squad, it was determined not to be a live explosive.

No. 1: The “Cheech & Chong Award” for dumb crooks goes to two local men wanted on felony charges. They parked their vehicle outside of the Lima Police Department in a spot marked as parking for LPD officers only. An officer that confronted them found marijuana in their vehicle. The driver, who did not have an operator’s license, said they were just trying to find a parking spot so they could pay a court fine.

By Jim Krumel

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