Columbus pair indicted in robbery of Lima liquor store

By J Swygart -

Darnell Welch, left, and Jennafer Andrian.

Darnell Welch, left, and Jennafer Andrian.

LIMA — A man and woman from Columbus were each indicted by an Allen County grand jury this month for their vastly differing roles in the Sept. 14 attempted robbery of a Lima liquor store.

Jennafer Andrian, 29, was charged by the grand jury with aggravated robbery with a firearm in connection with an incident at Duke’s Liquor Store, 630 N. Main St., that resulted in Andrian entering the store with a gun but leaving the establishment empty-handed, police officials said.

Darnell Welch, 28, faces an identical first-degree felony charge as investigators said he threatened to kill Andrian if she did not carry out the robbery.

According to a narrative filed with the court by Lima Police Department Detective Steve Stechschulte, Andrian entered the liquor store the evening of Sept. 14 with a handgun. She walked to a clerk in the store, James Hirn, and demanded money from the cash register. Hirn declined and Andrian fled the store and into a vehicle parked outside. The vehicle’s license plate number was captured on surveillance video and detectives traced it to a Columbus suburb. Investigators visited the owner of the vehicle, who said she had loaned her car to a man later identified as Welch during a period of time that included the date of the Lima robbery.

Investigators later visited another home in Columbus and arrested Andrian and Welch. Andrian admitted to police officials that she entered the Lima liquor store, but said she did so only after Welch took the (apparently unloaded) gun, pointed it at her head and pulled the trigger. She told police officials she went inside to rob the store because she was afraid Welch would kill her if she failed to do so.

Darnell Welch, left, and Jennafer Andrian. Welch, left, and Jennafer Andrian.

By J Swygart

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