Livestock show moo-ves into Allen County Fairgrounds

12th year for Heart of it All show in Lima

By Sam Shriver -

LIMA — For the 12th straight year, the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association is hosting a livestock show out at the Allen County Fairgrounds.

The Beef Exhibitor Show Total is a youth program of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association that recognizes Ohio’s junior beef exhibitors for participation and placings through a series of sanctioned cattle shows that include showmanship competitions.

“This is about the kids. We get kids from all over the state of Ohio and quite frankly all over the U.S. People have traveled as far as California for this show,” said Brandon Jordan, event organizer.

The event started Friday with the weigh-in. The competition runs Saturday and Sunday.

“This weekend we will be featuring the youth here that exhibit cattle. We’ll have showmanship where the kids exhibit how they can display the animal,” said Stephanie Sindel, with the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association.

Many of us are more familiar with the cattle show competitions that take place during the county fair.

“We call these Jackpot Shows, and these shows take place throughout the winter, and it’s where they bring those young calves who will ultimately end up at their county fair, the state fair,” she said.

So what are the judges looking for?

“Functional cattle,” she said. “They can get out and move, easy going cattle that are going to go on and be good projects for those kids. We’re looking for pretty moderate framed cows, as far as upkeep and things like that go, but structure, balance.

“You know if you’re looking at steers, you’re looking at more product and muscle oriented carcasses, and then from the heifer side you want them to go on and be good breeding material.”

So what does this show teach kids?

“It teaches them a lot of things. You know we have kids anywhere from 5 or 6 up into their early 20s,” Sindel said. “It teaches them a lot of responsibility, work ethic. You’re not going to win every time in life, but you need to have the tenacity to go and try. Everybody kind of comes and works together. Families travel together, so it’s really kind of just tradition, and you know largely what the cattle industry is based upon is tradition and friendship and the people you get to work with.” Shriver | The Lima News
12th year for Heart of it All show in Lima

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409

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