Decorum CrossFit opens in Northland Plaza

By Camri Nelson -

Owner Lauren Suever standing beside the Decorum CrossFit sign.

Owner Lauren Suever standing beside the Decorum CrossFit sign.

By Camri Nelson

LIMA — The 26-year-old nurse never imagined herself becoming an all-star award-winning CrossFit trainer and owner of the new Decorum CrossFit in Northland Plaza. Lauren Suever said it sort of just fell in her hands a few weeks ago.

“I always wanted to own a gym but I [thought] I would have to wait until down the road when I have a better job,” Suever said. “This is my dream and my passion. I eat, breath, and sleep this stuff. I love it and I was so excited that we got to do this.

Since the debut opening on Oct. 30 the gym has welcomed close to 5o members and Suever says that its continuing to grow. Her favorite part about owning her own gym is seeing the progression of the athletes who come into her gym.

“To see those athletes and say, OK, I can see what you’re doing and you have the gist of it and perfect their movement, teach the technicalities and to see the progression after a week of being here is like the coolest part about it,” she said.

While attending Spencerville High School, Suever showcased many of her athletic abilities. She played volleyball, basketball, track and cheerleading. Once she graduated from high school she then went on to Wright State to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse and decided to continue to run track. However, after college everything changed.

In the midst of trying to find another hobby she stumbled upon the idea of doing CrossFit, a fitness regimen that is based on gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more. She was attracted to the idea because as an adult she didn’t have to be in an organized sport and people of all ages can compete. Her initial intentions were never to compete. At the time she just wanted to gain weight.

“I was like I want to look fit and I wanted to toned and get in shape,” Suever said. “Little did I know it would become something that I would become obsessed with and would full in love with and enjoy doing.”

After only two months of CrossFit she was ready to start competing. In 2013, she competed her first CrossFit team competition at the annual Arnold’s Sports Festival in Columbus and she won.

“We had no idea that we were capable of doing that because we were fairly new to CrossFit at the time and we totally surpassed all expectations,” Suever said.

Since her first competition she has competed in weightlifting competitions and won many first place awards. She received fifth place in a CrossFit competition, which she says is a huge accomplishment because of the hundreds of game competitors whom she went up against. She even went to Seattle to compete and tied for first place but later got hurt. Despite the injury, she is happy with where she is now. She has gained 30 pounds of muscle, feels more confident, and has won various awards, and has her own gym.

“As a business, I hope to eventually grow into a bigger facility, bring more people to the CrossFit community and help lots of people be in better shape,” Suever said.

Owner Lauren Suever standing beside the Decorum CrossFit sign. Lauren Suever standing beside the Decorum CrossFit sign. By Camri Nelson

By Camri Nelson

Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews

Reach Camri Nelson at 567-242-0456 or on Twitter @CamriNews

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