Mercy Health-St. Rita’s named one of the best workplaces

By Camri Nelson -

LIMA — Mercy Health-St. Rita’s was ranked 66 out 150 best workplaces to work in the health care industry by Modern Healthcare, a magazine for healthcare business, policy news, and research and information.

President and CEO of Mercy Health Lima, Bob Baxter, said the feedback channels and camaraderie at St. Rita’s are some of the fundamental reasons why it is one of the best places to work.

“We want to improve the community and remove roadblocks to help our staff be successful,” Baxter said.

One of the many ways that Baxter said St. Rita’s tries to create the best workplace is by implementing recognition opportunities such as the annual Legends of St. Rita ceremony. Baxter said this event embodies the values of the company and allows employees to get to know each other better on a personal level.

Midnight Munchies is yet another initiative that Baxter said helps create the best work culture at St. Rita’s. This particular initiative helps managers seek and solve the needs of the night staff while having fun and eating food. Many other employee engagement initiatives include employee huddles, fairs, and employee football outings.

Even with all the initiatives set in place, Baxter said there are obstacles that employees face that can distract or prevent them from having a great experience while at work. He said employees have access to a bank, Starbucks, a clinic and a pharmacy inside the facility that help aid their needs.

“We try to take the burden out of their days,” he said. “We want to provide an environment where staff can be engaged and have less barriers so that they can engage with our patients.”

Baxter said their goal is to create an environment that aligns with their mission day in and day out and that it was an honor to be named one of the best workplaces.

“Most of the companies that were recognized were smaller,” he said. “It was easier for them to have good communication and feedback loops so that’s what makes us feel even better about this recognition.”

By Camri Nelson

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