Snapchat threat gets attention at Columbus Grove schools

COLUMBUS GROVE — Law enforcement officials were present at Columbus Grove schools Thursday morning due to an anonymous tip reported to the Ohio State Patrol on Wednesday night.

Nick Verhoff, superintendent at Columbus Grove, said according to the tip, a Columbus Grove student and students from a different school district made threatening comments toward students at Columbus Grove on Snapchat on Wednesday evening.

“We’re not able to confirm this post,” he said.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbus Grove Police Department were contacted to investigate the validity of the alleged threat, Verhoff said.

As a precautionary measure, both sheriff’s deputies and Columbus Grove police officers were requested to patrol the school while the alleged threat was investigated to ensure the safety of the students.

Putnam County Sheriff Brian Siefker said, in a press release, police officers and sheriff deputies continued to patrol Columbus Grove schools campus throughout the day.

Local and state law enforcement officials continued to investigate the incident, Siefker also said in the press release.

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday evening, deputies have, after investigating multiple different school districts throughout the day Thursday, discovered the source of the threats against Columbus Grove schools students, and the individuals involved in the Snap Chat conversation that was originally reported to the Ohio State Highway Patrol Wednesday evening.

Sheriff’s deputies plan to continue interviewing the juveniles involved in the incident. The Sheriff’s Office announced the case will be forwarded to the Putnam County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Deputies will continue to to patrol the school with Columbus Grove Police throughout the day Friday to ensure the continued safety of staff and students, the sheriff’s office announced.

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