St. Rita’s doctor fits patients with world’s smallest, leadless pacemaker

LIMA — A doctor at St. Rita’s Medical Center has fit two patients with the world’s smallest, leadless pacemaker.

Dr. Bernard J. Hynes fitted these patients with the new Mirca from Medtronic, a leadless pacemaker that measures about the size of a large vitamin. It is available to patients who need a single-chamber ventricular pacemaker only.

Because it does not require leads to pace the heart, it reduces the risk of traditional pacemaker complications that may affect as many as 10 percent of patients. It is also MRI compatible.

Pacemakers restore the heart’s rhythm and proper rate of blood circulation. This helps eliminate symptoms of a slow heart rate, which include shortness of breath and lack of energy. However, certain patients can’t tolerate traditional pacemakers, which deliver energy to the heart muscle through wires called leads.

For more details about the new pacemaker or to schedule an appointment, call 419-996-5852.

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