Cairo man resists arrest after domestic violence

CAIRO — A fight in a home went from bad to worse, leading to the arrest of a Cairo man early Friday morning on charges that include resisting arrest.

Deputies from the Allen County Sheriff’s Department responded to a reported dispute at 714 W. Main St. in Cairo shortly after midnight Friday. Upon arrival at the home, officers reportedly found broken glass and overturned furniture and were advised by the victim’s mother that Geoffery Swink, a resident in the home, had caused the damage. Officers informed Swink he was being placed under arrest, according to the report, as they interviewed the victim in the incident, who was bleeding as a result of stepping on broken glass at the home.

Swink reportedly struggled with officers before being placed in handcuffs, and later managed to slip one hand out of the restraints, resulting in a charge of resisting arrest to go along with charges of domestic violence and persistent disorderly conduct.

The victim refused to make a statement to officers, according to the report.

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