Lima City Council to vote on street resurfacing project

By Craig Kelly -

LIMA — Lima City Council will vote on the city’s annual street resurfacing project during its meeting at the Lima Municipal Building at 7 p.m. Monday.

According to Lima Public Works Director Howard Elstro, this year’s project would encompass 6.71 miles of city roadway, more than the 4.1 miles covered in 2016, the 4.7 miles in 2015, and the 5.3 miles in 2014.

Should Lima City Council approve the $1.15 million contract, Bluffton Paving would either apply an asphalt overlay or mill down existing roadway to apply a thicker layer of asphalt, depending on road conditions. Almost $775,000 of the contract would be paid through Ohio Public Works Commission Issue 1 funds, with $190,000 coming through the Community Development Block Grant, just less than $155,000 funded through the County Permissive Tax, also known as the gasoline tax, $13,000 coming from the Storm Water Utility for raising manhole covers and $13,000 coming through the city utilities department.

State Issue 1 “funds are essential to every political subdivision in the county,” Elstro said. “Those funds have been invaluable to Allen County in rebuilding our infrastructure, everything from wastewater projects to projects for bridges and road reconstruction.”

Pending contract approval, work would be completed by Oct. 30.

Streets included in this year’s resurfacing project are:

•East Vine Street from South Central Avenue to South Pine Street. — 700 feet

•Edwards Street from North Main Street to North Central Avenue — 1,000 feet

•East Kibby Street from Bellefontaine Avenue to the Kibby Street bridge — 500 feet

•Leonard Avenue from Bellefontaine Avenue to the south pavement joint — 250 feet

•South Rosedale Avenue from West Elm Street to the dead end — 1,500 feet

•Dingledine Avenue from South Sugar Street to Madison Avenue — 2,000 feet

•East Eureka Street from Harrison Avenue to Wood Street —1,250 feet

•South Central Avenue from East Second to East Vine Streets — 1,300 feet

•Tremont Avenue from Judith to Northwold Street — 750 feet

•Northern Avenue from Lewis Boulevard to North West Street — 1,825 feet

•Brice Avenue from North Jamieson to Delphos avenues — 3,050 feet

•1019 to 1035 Woodland Drive — 400 feet

•Oakland Parkway from Westwood Drive to North Pears Avenue — 1,900 feet

•Feeman Avenue from North Woodlawn Avenue to North Cole Street — 1,250 feet

•Carolina Avenue from Cable Road to the corporation line — 1,125 feet

•Cole Street from West Elm Street to Allentown Road — 2,400 feet

•East Robb Avenue from North Main Street to the Robb Avenue overpass — 825 feet

•East Murphy Street from North Elizabeth to North Main Streets — 440 feet

•MacKenzie Drive from Latham Avenue to the dead end — 450 feet

•Dewey Avenue from East Elm to East Market Streets — 880 feet

•Idlewild Drive from North Cable Road to North Pears Avenue — 2,400 feet

•North Glenwood Avenue from West Market Street to Allentown Road — 2,100 feet

•Lakewood Avenue from South Charles Street to South Cole Street — 1,400 feet

•Latham Avenue from North Cable Road to Crestwood Drive — 2,375 feet

•South Union Street from Fourth to Second Streets — 1,770 feet

•East Market Street from the railroad to the bridge — 1,600 feet

By Craig Kelly

Reach Craig Kelly at 567-242-0390 or on Twitter @Lima_CKelly.

Reach Craig Kelly at 567-242-0390 or on Twitter @Lima_CKelly.

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