Lima Memorial Health System

July 20 — Kassie Wreede and Caleb Gronas, Lima, girl; Charley Click, Ada, girl; Jessica and Christopher Spiese, Dola, boy; Courtney and Timothy Myers, Lima, boy.

St. Rita’s Medical Center

July 18 — Cristina Papiagua and John Morena, Ottawa, girl.

July 19 — Cindy and Jack Wolfcale, Elida, girl; Mary and Todd Knippen, Ottoville, girl.

July 20 — Melissa and Stephen Sneary, Lima, boy; Angela Striff and Johnathon Biedenbach, Cridersville, girl; Sarah and Paul Sawmiller, Mendon, boy; Paige Prichard and John Mates, Spencerville, boy; Kristen Meeker and Greg Flory, Lima, boy.

July 21 — Nicole Murphy and Luke Augustus, Lakeview, boy; Mackenzie Mumper and William Dunn, Lima, boy.

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