Continental seeks grant money for repairs

By Bryan Reynolds -

OTTAWA — The Putnam County commissioners on Tuesday voted to submit a Neighborhood Revitalization Community Development Block Grant application on behalf of the village of Continental.

Continental Mayor Matt Miller said he and a representative from Poggemeyer Design Group went to Columbus to meet with a Ohio Development Services Agency representative about Downtown Revitalization Grant plans. After seeing the plans, the ODSA representative suggested Miller apply for a neighborhood revitalization grant instead.

To pursue the grant, Continental Village Council was required to hold five public meetings where it discussed work that could be done on the village with public feedback, Miller said. They also created a survey that was sent out to 436 Continental residents.

“We gave them [village residents] the general areas where the grant would target,” Miller said. “There were two dozen topics the community could choose from.”

After the application is submitted it will take a few months to find out if Continental will be chosen as one of the Ohio towns to receive the grant, he said. The final decision is based on a combination of need and the level of community involvement during the planning process.

Should Continental receive the $500,000 grant, Miller said it will be used to repave roads, fix sidewalks and replace equipment in Sparling Park.

“There are different sections of five streets in different parts of town that need to be reblacktopped,” Miller said. “There’s a street in town that has never been paved and has always been gravel. That will be paved.”

The sidewalk along Main Street has been there for awhile. It has been broken and dislodged by tree roots and it will be replaced. This will make it safer for children walking home after school, Miller said.

The equipment in the park is outdated and needs to be replaced with modern gear, he added.

“We still have stuff made of wood,” Miller said. “We have an outdated park with older equipment that isn’t utilized anymore.”

If Continental is not chosen to receive the Neighborhood Revitalization Grant this year it would apply for it again at the soonest opportunity, Miller said.

By Bryan Reynolds

Reach Bryan Reynolds 567-242-0362.

Reach Bryan Reynolds 567-242-0362.

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