South Toledo to refund more than 100 speeding tickets

Associated Press

TOLEDO — Confusing signage in Ohio has led to more than 100 people having their speeding tickets refunded.

The Blade reports the refund applies to anyone who received a speeding ticket from a hand-held speed camera on Feb. 1 near Byrnedale Elementary School.

Republican Councilman Rob Ludeman and his wife are among those getting their tickets dismissed. Ludeman, who is running for re-election, says he and his wife weren’t in the school zone at the time of their tickets.

The Lucas County Democratic Party criticized Ludeman, saying he abused his power in asking the police chief to address the tickets. Toledo Police Chief George Kral says Ludeman did not act improperly.

Police say they are reviewing signs at all school zones to make sure they are clearly marked.

Associated Press

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