Fish kill at East Bank Pond in St. Marys

By Bryan Reynolds -

ST. MARYS — A fish kill occurred early Thursday at East Bank Pond at Grand Lake.

“It’s something we see this time of the year,” said Brian Miller, with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. “It’s a dissolved oxygen issue.”

Miller explained high temperatures with lack of wind interferes with the balance of oxygen in the water and kills off some fish. Bluegill and shad are very susceptible to this kind of problem, he said.

The fish kill was localized at East Bank Pond and did not occur in Grand Lake, Miller explained. It could, and does, happen in the lake sometimes, he said.

Many fish died in the pond but when put into the context of all the fish living in the lake, the number that died was not a significant part of the entire population, Miller said.

By Bryan Reynolds

Reach Bryan Reynolds 567-242-0362

Reach Bryan Reynolds 567-242-0362

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