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Doug Olsson - The Lima News

Change is part of today’s culture.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business, a school, a sports franchise or even a church or a Boy Scout troop, the way you conduct your affairs is much different today than it was five to 10 years ago.

We certainly have experienced this at The Lima News. But before we get into all of that, let me clear up several things:

The Lima News is not closing, far from it. We remain a profitable media company, one that reaches nearly 40 percent of the households in Allen County, not to mention our presence in surrounding counties. We have over 47,000 daily print readers and another 400,000 unique visitors each month on limaohio.com. Those are solid numbers supported by independent audits.

It’s true we are under new ownership – AIM Media Midwest purchased The Lima News on June 13 – but our commitment to being the area’s information center hasn’t diminished. If anything, it’s much stronger. AIM doesn’t look at this as being “their” newspaper. I certainly don’t see it as being “my” newspaper. It’s “your” newspaper.

Our goal is to keep you informed. We will always strive to be fair and cover all sides of issues. We won’t back away from the tough stories, and we will find time to do those human interest pieces you enjoy. Our editorial position is independent of party affiliation. We’ll tell you our opinion and share your views too.

Now, since we preach transparency, let’s talk about those positions that were eliminated and our impending move to a new location.

It’s true that when the sale was announced, AIM said all employees of The Lima News would retain their jobs. Then nine days later, 21 associates saw their jobs eliminated.

What happened?

During those nine days we lost the biggest, most expensive piece of equipment we own when our 36-year-old press broke down. An analysis of the damage determined fixing it would not be cost effective. Parts were no longer available and would need to be manufactured. And already, the press lacked the efficiency we needed and the quality of printing our customers deserved. In effect, our press was totaled.

So, like many other newspapers in Ohio and around the country who outsource their printing, we settled on that path too. This includes newspapers of all sizes, be it Toledo and Cincinnati or Mansfield and Defiance. Regrettably, with that decision came the loss of the pressroom and other production-related jobs.

We’re adjusting and currently working out some logistical issues with new production schedules and deadlines. We appreciate your patience. Change is hard and we know it impacts you, our readers, as well. And, as you see with today’s newspaper, some pages and features have moved around a bit. That too will settle down in the days ahead. Promise.

Without a press, there’s no longer a need to own a facility as big as the one at 3515 Elida Road. So we’re going to sell our house of the past 21 years and find some new digs. That was not an easy decision and I’m mindful of our history here. We’ll leave behind some great memories, but we’ll take with us the pride in being Your Lima News.

The press may be gone, but the ink remains in our blood.


Doug Olsson

The Lima News

Doug Olsson is Regional VP for AIM Media Midwest and the publisher of The Lima News. Reach him at dolsson@limanews.com

Doug Olsson is Regional VP for AIM Media Midwest and the publisher of The Lima News. Reach him at dolsson@limanews.com

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