Toledo mayor pushes for independence in lead policy

Associated Press

COLUMBUS — Toledo’s mayor is encouraging Ohio lawmakers not to block local efforts to address lead paint hazards in homes.

The Blade reports Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson spoke to a House subcommittee this week as legislators consider a proposal giving the state sole authority over lead abatement and limiting cities’ ability to set their own rules.

Hicks-Hudson says the proposal by Republican State Rep. Derek Merrin is “poorly drafted and is bad policy.”

Toledo passed a lead ordinance in August mandating inspections for rental properties built before 1978.

Hicks-Hudson says a delay in implementation “dooms more children” to lead poisoning.

Some committee members say smaller districts would not be able to implement a lead policy. Hicks-Hudson says Toledo could be a “testing ground” for how lead policy works on a local level.

Associated Press

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