Jim Krumel: Be careful when dishing out advice

By Jim Krumel - jkrumel@civitasmedia.com

Jim Krumel

Jim Krumel

Today is one of those hallmark days for me and my wife, Mary Beth.

It’s our 35th wedding anniversary.

I’m the lucky one (you learn to say things like that when you’ve been married 3½ decades).

Over the years, I’ve heard all kinds of advice about a successful marriage, including some from a know-it-all guy who’s going on his fourth or fifth marriage. I’ve lost count.

I don’t do the advice thing. I learned early about its pitfalls, thanks to an old friend, Ron Gutman.

On a trip home from an East Coast wedding, Ron asked me what it was like to be married. Having a full nine months of wedded bliss under my belt at the time — and the fact my wife and his girlfriend were asleep in the backseat — provided me with the green light to pop off. You know, be one of the guys again. Translation: Be young and dumb.

I told him how great married life was: I’d click my fingers and Mary Beth would grab a beer for me as I watched TV. Ron fired back that he wanted more than that. We went back and forth, jokingly trying to outdo each other with our beat the chest chatter. A couple of real He Men we were.

Then the mistake.

I got serious, explaining that Mary Beth and I would sometimes have arguments, and I would restore the peace by saying I was sorry — even though I had no clue what I was sorry about.

A month later Mr. and Mrs. Krumel were having one of those newlywed spats. I did the rope-a-dope as long as I could before pulling out my trump card and saying I’m sorry. Only this time, there was a reply: “Sorry about what?”

Turns out someone wasn’t really asleep in that back seat.

We laugh about those things now. She’s put up with me for 35 years so life has been good. We’ve been blessed with many beautiful memories and three wonderful children, although we somehow ended up with a cat that just won’t go away.

Oh yes, a few years ago on a fishing trip with the guys, it was story time around the fire. Again, the East Coast trip came up. This time it was Ron sharing the wisdom from his 30 years of marriage:

“Any married man should forget his mistakes,” Ron philosophized, explaining, “There’s no use in two people remembering the same thing.”

I wonder what Patti has to say about that.

ROSES AND THORNS: People in the rose garden should stay dry now that “the umbrella woman” is around.

Rose:To Joan Hawk. The 1968 Lima Senior graduate is on a mission to collect umbrellas for Lima students who walk to school. People wishing to donate umbrellas can drop them off at the Forest Park United Methodist Church at 315 S. Collins Ave. or at Hawk’s home at 1330 Pangle St. in Bath Township. “I’ll have a clothes basket on the porch that folks can fill with umbrellas,” she said. She’ll be delivering the umbrellas to Lima schools on Tuesday.

Rose: Lima police officers and their wives helped preschoolers at Freedom Elementary School decorate cookies for Easter.

Rose: To the three homeowners who received Lima Pride Home awards for having well-maintained properties: Kelly Weaver, of 437 Runyan Ave., Mark Mullenhour, of 300 N. Pears Ave., and Ronald and Cynthia Davis, of 550 Calumet. The awards were handed out by city maintenance workers.

Rose:About 30 members of the Shawnee High School football team helped set up a pinwheel display on the lawn of Lima Memorial Health Systems. The pinwheels represent the families helped by Allen County Children Services.

Thorn: To Jake Stallkamp, of Delphos, whose reckless driving shortly after midnight Tuesday saw him “parking” his pickup in the Miami-Erie Canal near Stadium Park. He was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired.

Thorn: Crude oil was found leaking into a creek near 8050 Elida Road. Authorities believe the leak is from an old oil well.

PARTING SHOT: “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” — Babe Ruth

Jim Krumel
https://www.limaohio.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/54/2017/04/web1_Jim-Krumel-3.jpgJim Krumel

By Jim Krumel


Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

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