Loud boom reported in Allen County

By Greg Sowinski - gsowinski@civitasmedia.com

LIMA — An explosion? An earthquake? A UFO landing?

You name it, people are coming up with possible explanations for an apparent loud boom many people reported hearing around 10 p.m. Thursday.

The location of the boom, however, varies. It was reported across Allen County. Sheriff deputies, police officers from other agencies and firefighters checked with variously possible sources with no results.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Geological Survey said there was no seismic activity in or around Allen County. So, an earthquake is out.

Local law enforcement agencies and fire departments report no calls to respond to an explosion or fire of any significance. Check that one off the list.

A UFO? Well, let’s move on to a more viable option.

American Township Police Chief Matt Redick said the theory emergency responders have is someone set off some type of explosive such as Tannerite, and it had to be a large amount. But until anything can be confirmed, people will keep talking and continue to speculate.


By Greg Sowinski


Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

Reach Greg Sowinski at 567-242-0464 or on Twitter @Lima_Sowinski.

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