Letter: Lord, I need a helping hand

When my granddaughter got her car, she was so happy, full of smiles and laughter.

She would do anything for anybody. If you would ask her to drive you to the doctor, a hair appointment, to the store — anything you asked — she was your taxi cab.

Then on Tuesday a bad storm hit Lima, with hard-blowing winds knocking down trees and poles and scattering all kind of debris every which way. She found herself scared as she drove home. But God was with her. She was not hurt, but her car was creamed when a tree fell on it on Woodlawn Avenue.

All I can say now is, “Lord, please help my granddaughter. She needs a hand. Could you please send her an angel to take a look at her car? She loves you so much.”

I need help bad.

I don’t have the money to help my granddaughter.

God bless anyone who can help.

Joyce Laws, Lima

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