Get This: Very wrong number rings in Irish town

DUBLIN (AP) — The citizens of Westport have a message for the sexually desperate of Ireland: Please, babe, let us sleep.

Politicians and regulators say homes in the town in western Ireland are being besieged by nighttime callers seeking lines operated by a British porn site, Babe Station.

Numbers for Westport and Babe Station both start with 098. Many Irish callers are failing to dial the British international code first.

Mayo lawmaker Michael Ring says he’s hoping that the British regulator of pay-per-call numbers will persuade Babe Station to find a new number.

Irish regulators say they have no power of their own to compel any change. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s chief executive, Michael O’Keeffe, says he’s lobbying U.K. counterparts on behalf of harassed Westport residents “as a matter of courtesy.”

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