Deer harvest down statewide, up locally

COLUMBUS — While numbers were down across the state, most local counties fared better than last year during deer-gun season.

Ohio’s hunters braved less than ideal weather conditions over the weekend and checked 9,228 white-tailed deer during Ohio’s 2016 two-day deer-gun hunting season Saturday and Sunday, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

That number is down slightly from last year’s 9,447.

Hunters still have opportunities to pursue deer this winter. Muzzleloader season is Jan. 7 to 10 and archery season remains open through Feb. 5.

The first number following numbers were harvested in local counties along with the 2015 number.

Allen: 60 (21); Auglaize: 35 (38); Hancock: 58 (34); Hardin: 53 (53); Logan: 60 (86); Mercer: 32 (18); Putnam: 45 (19); Shelby: 44 (34); and Van Wert: 24 (15).

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