Mercer County election results, November 2016


Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (D) 3,335

Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson


Gary Johnson/William Weld


Jill Stein/Ajamu Barkaa (G)


Donald J. Trump/Michael R. Pence (R) 17,200

Write-ins 131

U.S. Senator

Tom Connors 280

Joseph R. DeMare (G) 185

Rob Portman (R) 17,538

Scott Rupert 228

Ted Strickland (D) 2,857

Write-in 9

Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Maureen O’Connor 15,344

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-17 term)

Pat Fischer 9,845

John P. O’Donnell 6,667

Justice of the Supreme Court (1-2-17 term)

Pat DeWine 13,369

Cynthia Rice 4,123

Judge of the Court of Appeals, 3rd District (2-9-17 term)

Randall L. Basinger 3,455

William R. Zimmerman 11,731

Judge of the Court of Appeals, 3rd District (2-11-17 term)

Stephen R. Shaw 13,961

State Board of Education, 1st District

Tanyce J. Addison 2,198

Linda Haycock 4,425

Martha A. Manchester 3,658

Lilli Vitale 4,178

U.S. Congress, 4th District

Janet Garrett (D) 317

Jim Jordan (R) 1,346

U.S. Congress, 5th District

Bob Latta (R) 7,599

James Neu Jr. (D) 1,820

U.S. Congress, 8th District

Warren Davidson (R) 7,909

Steven Fought (D) 977

Derrick James Hendricks (G) 289

Ohio Senator, 12th District

Matt Huffman (R) 17,272

Ohio Representative, 84th District

Keith Faber (R) 17,557

Ed Huff Jr. (D) 3,138

County commissioner (1-2-17 term)

Kathy Deitsch (D) 5,015

Jerry Laffin (R) 15,665

County commissioner (1-3-17 term)

Rick P. Muhlenkamp (R) 17,855


Matthew K. Fox (R) 17,466

Clerk of Courts

Calvin Freeman (R) 17,465


Jeff Grey (R) 18,529


Angela N. King (R) 17,298


David E. Wolters (R) 17,257


Jim Wiechart (R) 17,230


Timothy A. Heinrichs (R) 17,825

Common Pleas Court Judge

Jeffrey R. Ingraham 16,265


Village of Fort Recovery, 2.3 mill renewal levy, five years, current expenses

For 428

Against 226

Village of Fort Recovery, 2.5 mill renewal levy, five years, street repairs

For 502

Against 215

Village of Mendon, 2.6 mill renewal levy, five years, current expenses

For 187

Against 89

Rockford, Singh America LLC dba Clark, off-premise sales of wine and mixed beverages on Sunday

For 341

Against 151

Minster schools (overlap), 0.8 mill levy, 5 years, permanent improvements

For 5

Against 5

Minster schools (overlap), 1 percent income tax renewal, 15 years, current expenses

For 4

Against 6

Mercer County Children Services, 0.4 mill additional levy, 10 years, operating or capital improvements

For 12,116

Against 8,531

Mercer County Cheryl Ann Programs, 2.42 mill additional levy, six years, developmental disability programs

For 14,674

Against 6,274

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